Patrick Goodnow ’22

Market Manager


Patrick is a proven people and business growth development leader specializing in extensive growth by applying people development, sales, distribution, and customer service knowledge. He has implemented his skills in a wide range of industries, with a proven track record of developing successful teams for the benefit of the growing organizations he has been a part of. Patrick believes people development and continued planning is key to business growth. Doing the small things right and focusing time on what moves the needle are imperative. He also believes in the strength of the two-way relationship between employees and employers. Patrick’s understanding of how employees and leadership think has helped him integrate business success though communication, resulting in measurable results in any industry.

As a sales and operations manager, Patrick has a reputation for achieving revenue results and managing sales growth all while overseeing internal operations. He has expertly developed cross-functional teams, building a mentoring process for achievement. Patrick analyzes procedures and policies to heighten efficiency and productivity of the organization as a whole. As a Mentor he offers strengths in leadership, people development, business and sales planning and development.